Weekend Day Hikes (North East LA)


Los Angeles has so many beautiful places to hike and explore, we’ve got a fantastic lineup of offerings we’re eager to share!

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Program Details

Minimum/Max Group Size: 6 /14

Time: 9 am – 3 pm *Full Moon Hikes are 4 pm – 9 pm

Educators per group: 2

Transportation: Families Pick-up & Drop-off at Trailhead

Cost: Varies by hike

DISCOUNTS – Email Admin.la@biocitizen.org for discount support!

      1. Returning Biocitizen get $20 off  Weekend Day Hike registrations

     2. Refer a friend who’s new to Biocitizen, and get another $20 credit for your next outing

     3. Sibling Discount10% off (concurrent enrollment only)

Upcoming Outings

  1. Full Moon Hike (Jan. 14th)
  2. Adult Day Hike (Feb. 5th)
  3. Full Moon Hike (Feb. 18th)
  4. Adult Day Hike (Apr. 31st)
  5. Family Full Moon Hike (May 14th)

Biocitizen LA is transitioning to a new system for registrations: ACTIVE, a Camp & Class Manager. This system will bring many new benefits to the Biocitizen community; it will streamline the registration process for families and help Biocitizen staff better manage our sessions. As you register with ACTIVE, you can: create an account to save your information, autofill forms, and register two or more students at the same time!

There will be new registration fees with this new database. Biocitizen LA will offer two options for the ACTIVE database fee:

  1. 4.3% Registration Fee for each session
  2. $100 Annual Membership Fee, which waives the registration fees on all other sessions for one year
Please note: purchases will appear on billing statements under “ACTIVE Network.” If you encounter any issues while registering through ACTIVE, please reach out to our admin team: registration.la@biocitizen.org and admin.la@biocitizen.org.
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