School & Holiday Break Camps


Join us on your day off for School Holidays, PTA meetings, and vacations the Biocitizen way – off the screen, and into the green! Two of our naturalist educators will lead a group of students from your school for an active, fun, and engaging adventure in a local park or natural area. The program will take place at a location within 20 minutes of your school, maximizing your student(s) outdoor time and minimizing your commute time. We’ll be ready with nature guides, journals, a selection of our favorite trails and games, and seasonally inspired activities for an experience aligned with our core values: Wonder, Connection, and Stewardship.

Register here for Biocitizen’s adventures across the vibrant, natural spaces of our city’s local and surrounding parks! The bustling songs of migrating birds and nearby mountain tops will inspire awe and wonder as we connect with the myriad of life in Los Angeles County.

Campers will be split into age/ability-appropriate groups to have an optimal experience while learning to read and love our landscapes. Whether they’re 5 or 13 years old, this program will provide your child an opportunity to safely get outside, connect with their local environment, and have fun with their peers and our awesome Biocitizen teachers.

Days will be filled with Biocitizen’s robust and popular outdoor exploration activities: from hiking, nature games, indigenous history, native plants, journaling, and divulging in exciting spontaneous observations! Our full-day programming offers an opportunity for students to venture into deeper lines of inquiry, trails on the map, and historical timelines as we explore all that makes up our local ecosystems.

Specific location itineraries to come upon registration.

Ages: 5-13, Depending on our enrollment numbers we will break into age-specific groups, with custom-tailored itineraries to meet our students where they’re at! I.E. our group of 5-7-year-olds will have an itinerary that is age-appropriate and tailored to where they are at, while older students may have a different and more physically ambitious weekend!

In line with Biocitizen’s quality of experiences, we’ll be providing your child an opportunity to safely get outside, connect with their local environment, and have fun with their peers and our awesome Biocitizen teachers.

We’ll be incorporating all of our favorite activities like hiking, nature games, indigenous history, native plants, journal reflection time, and all the spontaneity of outdoor exploration!

You may register for as many or as few days as you would like.

Partial Enrollment –

If you would like to register for less than 5 days, please email to arrange your accommodation.

Specific itinerary to come upon registration*.

*Nov 2nd Day Off is cemented at Temescal Canyon

*Nov 11th Veterans Day in West LA (WELA) is cemented at Temescal Canyon

*Please Note that Wildwood November and December Break Camp are a private group program!

Siblings: – 10% discount for concurrent sibling enrollment, get your discount code from

  1. Register each student separately
  2. Apply the discount seperately

Ages: 5-10

Meeting Location: Destinations will all be within 35 minutes of the North East or West LA area(s) depending on your program’s region.  Specific program itineraries will be sent out as soon as the registration is finalized, no later than the evening before the first day.

Drop-off time: 9:00 – 9:15 am

Pick-up time: 3:00 – 3:15 pm

Group Size: Maximum of 14 students per group.

Teacher Ratio: 1:7 maximum

Students are responsible for bringing their own trail snacks, lunches, and a minimum of 32oz water bottle.

*Partial week registrations are acceptable, but students must sign up for a minimum of three days*

**Registrations close 48 hours prior to program start!**

*** We may have multiple groups per program – please send any sibling or friend grouping requests to as soon as you register. We cannot take requests within five days of the program start date!


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School & Holiday Break Camps

Crestview Full Day, Oct 11, Wildwood Morning Hike, Oct 28, Day-off at Temescal Canyon, Nov 2, Veteran's Day (WELA), Veteran's Day (NELA), Wildwood Private(Un)Thanksgiving Break, Nov 22-24, NELA (Un)Thanksgiving Break, Nov 20-24, WELA Winter Break Session 1, Dec 19-23, WELA Winter Break Session 2, Jan 3-7, Wildwood Private Winter Break, Dec 27 – 29, NELA Winter Break Session 1, Dec 19-23, NELA Winter Break Session 2, Jan 3-7, NELA LAUSD Closure, Jan 10, WELA LAUSD Closure, Jan 10, MLK Jr. Day NELA, Jan 17, MLK Jr. Day WELA, Jan 17

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