Safety and Behavior Guidelines for Biocitizen Students

Biocitizen - Los Angeles, CA

Hi Parents!
Here at Biocitizen, your child’s ability to engage with our biotic environment in a fun, mindful and safe way is our utmost concern. Because our classroom is the outdoors, we are often in unpredictable environments (whether that means the wilderness or a city street) where our students’ ability to listen and follow directions is very important. Below are some of the behavioral expectations we have for Biocitizen LA students:

  • Students must eat during our 10:30 snack and our 12:30 lunch (even if they don’t feel hungry at those times) – those are our only scheduled times to eat and it’s important to keep our students fueled up!
  • Students must be willing to keep a hat on, re-apply sunscreen, and take lots of water breaks with the group. Especially in the heat of a Los Angeles summer, hydration and protection from sun exposure are necessities.
  • Students must respond to directions quickly and readily. While we expect fatigue and emotions to come up, when it comes to moving from place to place, crossing streets, using public transportation, avoiding dangerous hiking spots or wildlife, and staying with the group, it is essential campers promptly follow directions and respect boundaries set by the teachers.

In order to ensure the safety of all our students, Biocitizen has a Three Strike Policy regarding behavioral issues. The first strike is handled between a teacher and the student, and the parent will be informed upon pick up. The consequence for a second strike is a conversation between Jesse, Biocitizen LA Director, and the parent of the child. A third strike is grounds for a phone call home and immediate dismissal from the current program. We don’t anticipate sending anyone home and would do all we could to prevent it, but we also need to make sure that we are maintaining a safe and comfortable learning environment for campers, staff, and the public we interact with.

Thank you so much for your understanding as we work to provide a fun, mindful and safe experience for your child (and all our students). If you have any questions about the above or concerns about your child’s ability to adhere to these guidelines, do not hesitate to reach out to Jesse.

Thank you for your interest and participation in our Biocitizen LA community!
– The Biocitizen team – Jesse Carmichael, Director; Olivia Buntaine, Michael Galano,
Daniela Zapeda – Teachers and Mentors

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