School & Holiday Break Camps

Here you will find our upcoming holiday break camps including thanksgiving, winter break, president’s day, and spring break camps!

If your school has a break that we don’t have listed and you’d like Biocitizen to offer a program, feel free to reach out to our office –

Campers will be split into age/ability-appropriate groups to have an optimal experience while learning to read and love our landscapes. Whether they’re 5 or 13 years old, this program will provide your child an opportunity to safely get outside, connect with their local environment, and have fun with their peers and our awesome Biocitizen teachers.

Days will be filled with Biocitizen’s robust and popular outdoor exploration activities: from hiking, nature games, indigenous history, native plants, journaling, and divulging in exciting spontaneous observations! Our full-day programming offers an opportunity for students to venture into deeper lines of inquiry, trails on the map, and historical timelines as we explore all that makes up our local ecosystems.

Specific location itineraries to come upon registration.

Upcoming Programs

Scholarships / Payment Options

Need-Based Scholarship – If you are interested in a scholarship for your child, check this link to apply!

Estas interesado en una beca para venir al campamento ¡marque este para solicitarla!

Merit-Based – Application coming soon

Meeting Location

 Destinations within 35 minutes of your local region either North East or West LA 

Drop-Off Time: 9:00 AM 

Pick-Up Time: 3:00 PM

What To Bring 

  • Face mask (breathable and well-fitting)
  • Sturdy & Comfortable Shoes
  • Filling Snack
  • Hearty Lunch
  • 24oz minimum water bottle
  • Backpack for your gear

Note: some days may require water shoes, towels, bathing suits. Please keep an eye out for more details upon registration!

  • Binoculars
  • Compass
  • Sunscreen

New Registration Process!

Biocitizen LA + ACTIVE

Biocitizen LA is transitioning to a new system for registrations: ACTIVE, a Camp & Class Manager. This system will bring many new benefits to the Biocitizen community; it will streamline the registration process for families and help Biocitizen staff better manage our sessions. As you register with ACTIVE, you can: create an account to save your information, autofill forms, and register two or more students at the same time!

There will be new registration fees with this new database. Biocitizen LA will offer two options for the ACTIVE database fee:

  1. 4.3% Registration Fee for each session (for example, $4.73 for each $110 session)
  2. $100 Annual Membership Fee, which waives the registration fees on all other sessions for one year
Please note: purchases will appear on billing statements under “ACTIVE Network.” If you encounter any issues while registering through ACTIVE, please reach out to our admin team: and 

If you have questions, please contact us!

Join The Waitlist Please list the following so that we can properly place your child quickly if a spot becomes available. Thanks for your interest! - Your name, email and phone number - Child's name and age - Specific friend requests (do you have a friend in the group?)