CLAWS (Overnight & Backpacking Trips)

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Biocitizen’s Claws program is for our experienced students, ages 10 and up, who are looking to level up their Biocitizen experience by pushing their edges in our local, and not so local, biomes. 

Claws experiences vary in duration from two to three days. All trips include at least one overnight stay in the outdoors.

The goal of Claws programs is positive character transformation achieved by pushing boundaries and gaining confidence, while new ideas and abilities are experienced
and new spaces—physical, conceptual, and existential—are opened for the kind of personal growth that contributes to long-term happiness.
Some attributes of the CLAWS experience:
— a field environmental philosophy adventure that includes at least one overnight stay amid major natural parks in Los Angeles County.
deep biotic immersion into the ecological, geographic, biological elements of Southern California
— experiential learning of technical backpacking skills
— an introduction to Leave No Trace (LNT) wilderness camping, essential for all Biocitizens.
On these trips, our Claws students will have fun and unique experiences, find new places, and grow through their expanding happiness.
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Upcoming CLAWS Trips!

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Oct 2021 – Mt. Baldy 
Nov 2021 – Wind Wolves Preserve

Additional Information


• See each individual trip for logistical details 
Trekker’s Supply list: Full List sent out after registration
• gloves, hat
• long sleeve non-cotton, breathing, warm fleece, silk or wool undershirt
• fleece jacket
• hooded raincoat
• non-cotton, breathing, warm fleece, silk or wool leggings
• rain pants
• 100% wool hiking socks (no cotton socks!) 
• excellent, sturdy, comfortable no-blister waterproof hiking boots
• walking poles/stick
• wilderness backpack
• sleeping bag
• sleeping mat
• cup, bowl, utensil
• toiletry and medical bag 
• 64oz water container
• Trail food: trail mix, nuts, dried fruit
• Headlamp or flashlight (headlamp recommended)

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