Marysia Borucinska-Begg

Hiring Manager, Programs Lead

Marysia uses the pronouns: she/hers, and originally hails from Nipmuck and Pequot-Mohegan territories of Northeastern Connecticut {Quinnehtukqut].  Her childhood was consumed by daily immersions in the lush Fenton River valley. These forested forays cemented a bonded love for nature: from stream bends to moss-laden rocks, to dusk coyote songs.  

She earned degrees in both Political Science and Environmental Studies from the University of Connecticut, with a focus on conservation ecology and eco-justice. During her time at school, she received a National Science Foundation research grant that brought her to Sub-antarctic Chile. Her studies focused on the importance of connecting natural and cultural history in interpretive materials throughout public-protected lands to engage people with the codependencies of humans and habitats. It was in those far reaches of the South American continent where Marysia’s path crossed with Biocitizen leaders Jesse and Vicente. This formative connection sent her back home with an opportunity to continue engaging with environmental philosophy by teaching similar educational models with Biocitizen Western Mass. After leading Our Place, CLAWS overnights, and program development in the East, she moved West to engage with urban community bios connections in Los Angeles! 

Behind the scenes, she is excited to be growing Biocitizen’s program depths, community, and accessibility to benefit the organization and her new home. She continues to engage with her founding joys in the field by helping building connections between teachers, students, and the often overlooked yet essential ecosystem co-inhabitants. From pouring water onto sleeping mosses for the group to uncover bryophyte’s vibrant colors to goblet-like reproductive structures, to nurturing young naturalists towards self and environmental connection and care. She is both humbled and elated to be part of a community dedicated to people’s relationships with shared spaces — especially at a time when such critical reconnections could fundamentally heal our social and biotic environments. 

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