Hayley Bulger

Hayley Bulger


Hayley (she/her) is a passionate educator and environmentalist. Growing up in Indiana, she spent much of her time outdoors exploring the natural world. Since moving to Los Angeles four years ago, she has also been able to enjoy the flora and fauna unique to Southern California. She is a lifelong student and loves learning new things.

Throughout the years, Hayley has enjoyed working as a naturalist, animal caretaker, horseback riding trail guide, preschool teacher, and summer camp counselor, among other things! Her vast array of experiences has helped her grow into the person and teacher she is today. Her lifetime goal is to open her own nature center, providing a home for non-releasable animal ambassadors and environmental education programs to students of all ages.

In her spare time, Hayley enjoys making music, riding horses, swimming, biking,  reading, and, of course, hiking!

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