André Mershad


André’s (they, them) connection to their surrounding environment was ignited at quite a young age. Every summer, in Ohio, André would cultivate the garden in their backyard with their dad and brother for the annual growing season. Here, they learned that a compassionate relationship with the natural world holds great fulfillment. André’s passion for sustainability showed its face clearly when they had shifted from being an athlete after high school and had no further passions other than reveling in the beautiful things they had seen outside. 

Throughout André’s years obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies at USC, they have discovered that teaching youth to nurture a relationship with their environment has the potential to be extremely enriching– to the children, and to the planet as a whole. André has taught children principles of entrepreneurship, foundations of marine biology, and interactive gardening classes. The Garden curriculum consisted of but was not limited to, understanding the practice of cultivating food, why it’s important to facilitate indigenous plant life, waste minimization techniques, and the entire composting process. 

André’s outdoor interests include SCUBA diving, gardening, mindfully foraging, exploring the various hiking trails in the Los Angeles area, species identification, and ecological restoration. They are also exceedingly passionate about sustainable art and plan to share this perspective with whom they teach. André is extremely eager to be able to share their knowledge, enthusiasm, and curiosity for the outdoors with fellow Biocitizens, and is excited to from our future earth stewards as well.

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