Sequoia National Park is known for adventure and escape; we flock towards the granite slabs, the expansive vistas, and the massive forests of fantasy. We are driven to seek our own stories here. She offers us a space to challenge our routine, and take her in.

On a journey to the top of the Watchtower, we transform. This comes from the exploration of the small, hidden treasures she offers: native plants, pockets of shade, moments of serenity. We reflect upon the Tubatulabal and the Western Mono peoples who lived with this land, gathering pine nuts, acorns, and buckeye. In this prolific pine forest, people did not need to farm. They filled their conical baskets with the land’s offerings, and that was enough. In our packs, we too carry all that we need. We share this path with the thousands of people who came before us.
We reach the top. Tokopah Valley Floor stretches beneath us, and we stop to rest and learn. We have three lakes to look forward too, each with a new promise of joy.
Join us this summer in the Sequoias: Biocitizen is excited to offer participation to students ages 10+. Our CLAWS Summer Backpacking Trip to Pear Lake is a five day excursion from July 15-19. Students on this trip will benefit from extended biotic immersion, cultural celebration, and a mix of adventure and relaxation.
Stay tuned for further details to follow!
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