Biocitizen LA COVID-19 Updates

*Revised 29 May 2022

To our Biocitizen LA Community,

While we are eager for a summer of connection and fun in Our Place programs. We would like
to provide some updates in regards to what we’re doing to ensure safety and comfort of all staff
and students this season:

  • Outdoor masking will remain optional for Biocitizen LA Staff and Program
  • Proper double-masking or wearing an N-95 mask will still be required during any
    indoor or transportation components of our programs.
  • All Biocitizen LA staff will be fully vaccinated according to LA County
    Department of Public Health recommendations prior to season start. 
  • We still strongly recommend that students get COVID-tested before joining their
    given camp session(s)!
  • Program participants are required to inform our team by emailing their group
    teachers and should they have any symptoms OR a
    confirmed first degree exposure, and wait to return to camp until they provide
    confirmation of a negative COVID test.
  • We will be taking staff and student temperatures at the start of each program day.
    Anyone who’s temperature reads above 99.6 F or higher will not be allowed to
    join our program day.
  • We will be continuing to enforce proper hygiene protocols like washing hands
    whenever possible, using hand sanitizer before and after snack or sharing
    objects for extensive periods of time, and informing students on techniques for
    covering their coughs or sneezes.

Thank you for your continued support in speaking to your child about the importance of following
these guidelines. We understand the impact and connections made during Biocitizen
experiences, and the possibility of doing so without having to be as physically distant is a
beautiful privilege we are able to do because of the successes of our community health
protocols – we hugely value your family’s part in our group effort to keep everyone safe!

Please refer to our current COVID-19 protocols for all the updates.

Biocitizen LA COVID-19 Update: 18 April 2022

Click here to access a PDF of the COVID-19 policy update, announced April 18th, 2022. 

Biocitizen LA Summer COVID-19 Update: 29 May 2022

Click here to access a PDF of the Summer COVID-19 policy update, announced May 29th, 2022. 

Official Response COVID-19: Program Health and Safety Protocols

*Revised 18 April 2022

1. Fully Vaccinated Staff

All Biocitizen LA staff are fully vaccinated

2. Community Testing & If your Child is symptomatic

A. With the current surge of Omicron variant, we highly recommend that families test their students and themselves PRIOR to the start of a session; ex Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer.  

Luckily the rate of transmission in our programs over the last 2 years has been 0, it is still imperative that our community continue to take the pandemic seriously and take reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of covid-19 in our community.

B.  Symptoms – if your child has ANY cold or flu-like symptoms PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME, and provide our admin team with a negative-covid test when you return.

3. Transportation Guidelines

*Updated 7 March 2022

We continue to offer a blended model with some programs using vans to transport students.

While in the van(s) we require the following:

A. All windows down and the vents circulating fresh air
B. All staff and biocitizens masked during the duration of time in the vehicle


CLAWS and Overnight Trips:
All students will have to produce a negative rapid test the day of the trip & provide negative PCR results 24-48 prior to departure.

4. Drop-off/Pick-up Policy

Unless stated our programs will continue to be supported by families transporting biocitizens.

Families will drop off and pick up their students at a specified location each day.

Although this is not ideal, this does, however, allow us to move forward with our programming and provide access to our amazing outdoor classrooms in a safe and responsible way.

Program destinations will all be within a ~35-min drive from our community offerings. 

For example, our After School Program will have localized offerings within outdoor classrooms that correspond proximally to the site. 

5. Separate Groups of Small Sizes

Students will be in small groups of up to 14, with two teachers and up to 2 CIT (counselors in training) per group. This allows us to closely support our students learning in the field.

6. Masking and Social Distancing

In order to remain compliant and protect our health, we require the following for all students:

A. Masking Optional Outdoors 

18 April 2022 Update:

    • Outdoor masking is now OPTIONAL for participants and staff
  • This decision follows the policy updates as set forth by the LA County Department of Health and policy adoption by LAUSD and PUSD.
  • We will continue to mask indoors or during any programs that include vanning.
  • Thank you for your continued support in speaking to your child about social distancing and reporting any flu-like symptoms in a timely manner.

    If your student or your family does not feel ready to return to our outdoor programs maskless, folks are welcome to continue masking.

 B. Social distancing  Within reason. Most notably while eating or seated with an area close to one another.

Respect and Communication

Not everyone will be comfortable going maskless, so if you do decide that is best for your family, let’s all be considerate of folks who may not feel the same. 

We know that our amazing Biocitizens will all do a phenomenal job respecting mutual comfort and boundaries as we enter a new stage of the pandemic.

7. Increased Hygiene Protocols

A. Frequent hand washing or hand sanitization

    • Before/after meals
    • After shared items (field guides, talking stick, etc)
    • After restroom use

B. No Touch Temp Check at drop-off.

At drop-off, our staff will take your child’s temperature using an infra-red no-touch thermometer. Any child with a temperature of 99.6 or higher will not be permitted to attend the day.

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