Birthday Parties with Biocitizen LA

Biocitizen LA is excited to offer standard and customizable Birthday Party themes for your special day!

How does it work?

  1. Pick your Party: Peruse over the different adventures and activities we have waiting for you below. You can also provide us your own idea for a custom birthday.  
  2. Pick your Add-ons: Check out extra Add-ons we have–they make perfect party favors!
  3. Review Pricing: Look over our Birthday Party Pricing Flyer for a basic pricing breakdown. We will send a quote based on this pricing. 
  4. Submit an Inquiry: Fill out our inquiry form with all your choices; give us all the details!
  5. Confirm: Our team will reach out shortly to discuss your inquiry and provide a quote!

Once confirmed, you will pay a deposit for your party and receive a private ACTIVE link for your party attendants to sign up! 

Ecology Hike Adventures

Join us for a traditional ecology hike to a nearby outdoor destination. We’ll work together to design a custom, age-appropriate hike for your birthday group. We bring: local ecology & trail knowledge, loaner field guides, first-aid kit, extra water, games, ice-breakers, and all the classic fun you can expect from biocitizen. What kids bring: lightweight backpack, with water bottle, snacks, lunch depending on hike length, light weight layers, other details depending on hike destination specifics. 2-6 hours

Tidepooling + Beach Activites

Let’s head down to the beach and learn explore the intertidal zone! Teeming with life, our rocky intertidal zone is full of uniquely adapted organisms thriving at the edge of two worlds! Together we’ll explore and learn about anenome’s, crabs, fish, worms, limpets and so much more. This can be combined with other beach games and activities, sand-castle building contest, and many other options! We have a couple locations that we prefer, this event will also be scheduled to conincide with a low-tide. 2-4 hours

Camoflague Workshop and Sensory Awareness Games

Level up your nature jedi skills as we train our bodies, and minds all the while in the safety of a local outdoor space! Together we’ll intro some sensory awareness games, skills and camoflauge techniques. Using charcoal to decorate our faces, we’ll then practice some stalking, hide-n-seek style and blind-folded games. 2-4 hours


*Tie-dye Workshop

Is it just us or do you love tie-dying too? Combine this awesome add-on with an ecology hike adventure for an epic birthday combo! This add-on includes tie-dye instruction, all tie-dye materials, 1-gallon zip-lock to take tie-dye shirt home, 1-white Biocitizen cotton t-shirt to tie-dye. This allows for each child to tie-dye item. 1.5 – 2 hours depending on group size.

*Cyanotype Prints

This add-on is a great activity to-do with kids of all ages! This simple process creates an awesome image to take home. Basically an object, or pattern of nature-found objects is placed on light-sensitized paper then exposed to sunlight to produce a totally unique image that your guests get to take home! 1-hour


Stickers – These durable vinyl Biocitizen LA Biomes stickers are the perfect addition for a water bottle (dishwasher friendly too)!

Field Journal

Field Journals – Our 5×8 paper Field Journals are great for recording notes and drawing observations while out in the field.

Tr-Fold Field Guide

Tri-Fold Field Guides – Biocitizen LA is pleased to offer various nature field guides–durable and laminated–printed by the Waterford Press.

Biocitizen T-Shirt

Biocitizen LA T-Shirt – Grab our classic 2021 T-shirt design of the LA Biomes!

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